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What Is ACT?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a cognitive behavioural therapy that incorporates mindfulness and behaviour change techniques. ACT offers the client an opportunity to start living the life they want to live, rather than having to constantly battle unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

Our Psychologists provide a confidential, high quality service for all age groups, including mothers and babies, children, adolescents, and adults.

The ACT Centre is a psychology practice in Adelaide located 3 minutes from the CBD

The ACT Centre is a psychology practice in Adelaide located 3 minutes from the CBD

Our Psychologists have experience in many areas, including:

Psychology Adelaide

We provide confidential psychological services to clients across South Australia. Our psychologists work with a wide range of difficulties, for children, adolescents, and adults.

We are committed to providing an accessible, affordable, quality service to those who would otherwise find it too costly or difficult to access support.

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What is a psychologist?

Throughout our lives we face personal and professional situations that are difficult to manage on our own. These situations can lead us to struggle with how we function day to day, our relationships, along with our own thoughts and feelings.

Our psychologists hold at least a Masters or Doctorate level of postgraduate University studies (6-8 years of training) to assist people in managing these situations. They work with consumers and families to develop strategies that apply to their everyday lives. The outcome of this work is for a client to create a life that has meaning, fulfillment, and value.

This work is different to simply receiving counselling. A psychologist will help you step back and explore the issues you are facing, and then assist you in applying evidence based techniques to manage these difficulties.

It is a compassionate, collaborative, and productive process that will help you with whatever challenge you are facing.

Do I need a psychologist?

If you are finding that the difficulties you are facing are interfering with how you are living day to day, you may need a psychologist.

Often these difficulties can impact on our appetite, sleeping patterns, work, or home life. If this is the case, you may need a psychologist.

Sometimes it may be a family member or loved one who is struggling and not willing to seek help. A psychologist can assist in this situation to work through how best you can help this person.

Our psychologists deal with a wide range of issues and variety of client groups.

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ACT Supervision


Dr Emma Hanieh (Clinical Psychologist) is an eligible supervisor for the College of Clinical Psychologists and endorsed as a supervisor through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Clinical supervision can be provided individually or as a group. This supervision is experiential and aimed at either improving your existing ACT practice or learning ACT for the first time.

The ACT Centre provides supervision for a diverse range of professionals including students, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social workers, counsellors, and Aboriginal Health Workers.

Supervision can also be provided over Skype or to groups of professionals on site.

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Our Team

All of our Registered Psychologists hold at least a Masters or Doctorate level of postgraduate University studies (6-8 years of training).

Dr Emma Hanieh (Principal clinical Psychologist)

Emma has worked in mental health for over 13 years, and sees patients of all ages, she has a particular interest in:

  • child and adolescent mental health
  • school stress and school refusal
  • antenatal and postnatal mental health issues
  • Aboriginal mental health
  • Paediatric pain and chronic health issues
  • Parenting difficulties
  • relationship issues

Ms Minette Emery (Clinical Psychologist)

Minette has 14 years experience in mental health and sees adults clients, holding a particular interest in:

  • living with chronic illness or injury
  • grief and loss
  • depression and anxiety
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • trauma work related stress

Ms Melissa Tweedie (Clinical Psychologist)


Melissa holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology, and sees childeren, adolescents, and adults, with a special interest in:

  • depression and anxiety
  • trauma and abuse
  • refugee and migrant mental health
  • Aboriginal mental health
  • loss and grief

Ms Catharina Belgraver (Counselling Psychologist)

Catharina has over 20 years experience in psychology, with a particular interest in health and wellbeing. Catharina sees adults and holds an interest in:

  • emotional eating, body acceptance and exercise counselling
  • mindfulness and motherhood
  • grief and loss
  • depression and anxiety
  • migrant and refugee mental health
  • life transitions and adjustment issues
  • therapy with older clients

Dr Helen Siasios (Clinical Psychologist)

Helen has over 10 years experience and sees adult clients, she has particular interest in:

  • Chronic pain and health issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Adjusting to a HIV diagnosis / living with HIV
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Women’s health
  • Stress management
  • Coping with cancer diagnosis / treatment / post treatment

Mr Shane Curley (Registered Psychologist)

Shane has worked in counselling and health for over 14 years, he sees patients of all ages and has a particular interest in:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Adolescent mental health
  • Addictive behaviour (including gambling, gaming, and substance use)
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Men’s health

The ACT Centre holds a special passion for Aboriginal health and contributing to Closing the Gap. We have extensive experience in advocating for and supporting Aboriginal workforce, families, and children. If you wish to know more please Contact Us


Services and Fees

With a Mental Health Care Plan, sessions attract the following fees:

  • Clinical Psychologists – $190/hour with $124.50 rebated through Medicare
  • Registered Psychologists – $140/hour with $84.80 rebated through Medicare

Clients who hold a Centrelink Health Care Card are bulk billed (no charge). See Make an Appointment for further details.

The ACT Centre also offers the following additional services and payment methods:

  • Private health funds
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Workcover and work place accidents
  • Motor accident and insurance

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