Throughout our lives we face personal and professional situations that are difficult to manage on our own. These situations can lead us to struggle with how we function day to day, our relationships, along with our own thoughts and feelings.

Our psychologists hold at least a Masters or Doctorate level of postgraduate University studies (6-8 years of training) to assist people in managing these situations. They work with consumers and families to develop strategies that apply to their everyday lives. The outcome of this work is for a client to create a life that has meaning, fulfilment, and value.

This work is different from simply receiving counselling. A psychologist will help you step back and explore the issues you are facing, and then assist you in applying evidence-based techniques to manage these difficulties.

It is a compassionate, collaborative, and productive process that will help you with whatever challenge you are facing.

Do I need a psychologist?

If you are finding that the difficulties you are facing are interfering with how you are living day to day, you may need a psychologist.

Often these difficulties can impact our appetite, sleeping patterns, work, or home life. If this is the case, you may need a psychologist.

Sometimes it may be a family member or loved one who is struggling and not willing to seek help. A psychologist can assist in this situation to work through how best you can help this person.

Our psychologists deal with a wide range of issues and variety of client groups.